End of a toxic relationship. Why do I feel like I got the short end of the stick?

After a long time I finally got enough courage to break free from my (mentally) abusive boyfriend. I thought I would find relieve, which I did find, but now I'm starting to feel bad again. And my ex? Well he just shrugged it off and is acting like nothing major happend. He is even ignoring me because I want my stuff back.

I just can't understand how he can act like nothing bad happend. I mean not that long ago he said that I was the only positive thing in his life and that he would have committed suicide if i broke up with him.

Yet I'm the one who feels devestated from the loss of my love (the guy who I fell in love with, not the abusive men I was with afteral).

How can he be so detached?


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  • Because you're still in love w the person he pretended to be, the person he built up that you fell in love w is completely imaginary.

    • Hard to believe that, all the things he done and everything. Even though i know that this has a ring of truth. It feels more like he stopped caring at a certain point.

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    • Block communication with said ex and spend time doing my hobby.

    • So how you doing?

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  • Almost the exact same thing happened to me, it took me months to get over it while he went around telling his friends I was a rebound (this was after he even asked me to marry him because he said he couldn't live without me). All I can say is the way I explain it to myself is that sometimes people like the feeling of being loved to the extent that they lie and fabricate emotions to gain someone's affection, and once they do they possibly get bored. Sometimes I think for such people the person whom they are having a rrelationship matters much much less than having one. Hang in there, it'll pass, I promise just always remember him for his toxic flaws and nothing more.

    • I know a guy who indeed jumps from relationship to relationship. Longest I have seen that guy single is 3 days.

      I also think the suicide and marry things are mind games (he also proposed but I declined because it was too early, thank God).

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  • he is being detached to get to you. it's a mind game again

    • Well he still have things of me.

    • send a friend or family member to get them

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  • Chances are good you're in love with what you want him to be. You did the right thing :)

    • I fell in love with the kind caring person I first met. Not the guy i know now. Is like the old him suddenly disappeared one day.

    • I'm sorry :(

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