Should you talk to an ex after three years, and her trying to say her kid is yours?

Hey here my prob I have an ex who wants to be friends with benefits the big thing there is that the little man down stairs don't wanna work and when we talk I fall asleep talking to her because I'm board need advice to get through this and when I saw here after two years when I was gone she had a kid and said it was mine thank the goddess it wasn't but how do I tell her to f*** off
and by the way she had a std
tried she thick headed but I guess I could always just be an ass hole and say f*** off don't want you anymore
yeah I guess I will do that thanks for the advice
hey people thanks for the advice


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  • Just tell her to f*** off!


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  • Don't answer any calls texts emails, wtfever. Some girls think of any kind of attention as a sign of hope, so don't give her any.

  • Tell her flat out you have no interest in her. No hints, no open doors. Just say something along the lines of, "I don't want to have any sort of relationship with you. I'm sorry, but you should stop calling me." Then, stop answering when she calls. Ignore her whenever you see her. Make every effort to be as short and curt with her as you can. Start hanging with girls, maybe even find someone you're truly interested in. Just show her you are moving on with your life. If she doesn't stop bothering, it will be, at that point, stalking and you might consider either threatening to get or actually getting a restraining order.


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