Also how do I get my mind off her when everything reminds me of her and I can't stop thinking about her what can I do?


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  • are u spiritual? do u believe in God?

    • first u have to acknowledge what there is to be gained from this lost relationship. strength? knowledge? wisdom to do better? humiliation from consequences? realizing hurt from that of which uv given?
      coming to the acceptance of these terms and perceptions of this particular relationship will help u more so see it in a different light and help u cope with it in a healthier way.

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    • he's closest to the ones brokenhearted and crushed in spirit. he's watching u , looking at u right now Waiting for u to tell him u trust him and firmly believe that he's got you dude! it's the only way. he doesn't want u to resort to drinking.. he wants u to learn how to build a relationship with him instead seeing how much effort u put into that one... ur love was probably always good enough... God has his ways of making sure we are cut off from things to acknowledge that we need to get bak in touch with him.

    • things will start happening in Ur favor when u realize ur trusting in his full support. he'll give u signs and tools to propel u Wer u need to be , just don't use the tools to destruct his plan. "coincedences" will start to happen that will help u in Ur everyday life and it's only him blessing u for putting ur trust in the fact he's all u need. I promise. it's tough. but I did it , after finding out on my year anniversary that my boyfriend lied to me about everything down to his last name... ruined me.
      I had to find a way out.

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