Did I treat her badly?

I recently had my first girlfriend. It lasted almost a year. I broke up with her 3 months ago. I can't stop thinking about how she told me I treated her "like dirt" she asked me who the funniest people I knew were. I told her. She was #3. She got mad that she wasn't #1 and said I'm mean and insensitive entirely. I bought her flowers and candy and the whole deal for valentines. She gave me a card two weeks after that didn't even have writing on it. She kept pressuring me for sex ( I wasn't ready) I eventually broke down and did some stuff. When I denied her sex, she told me how unfair and horrid I was and refused to speak to me. She broke up with me for a week before asking me to take her back. Then she did it again. Finally I broke it off as I said. There are more examples. I just need to know if I was really bad like she says.
Did I treat her badly?
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