Did I treat her badly?

I recently had my first girlfriend. It lasted almost a year. I broke up with her 3 months ago. I can't stop thinking about how she told me I treated her "like dirt" she asked me who the funniest people I knew were. I told her. She was #3. She got mad that she wasn't #1 and said I'm mean and insensitive entirely. I bought her flowers and candy and the whole deal for valentines. She gave me a card two weeks after that didn't even have writing on it. She kept pressuring me for sex ( I wasn't ready) I eventually broke down and did some stuff. When I denied her sex, she told me how unfair and horrid I was and refused to speak to me. She broke up with me for a week before asking me to take her back. Then she did it again. Finally I broke it off as I said. There are more examples. I just need to know if I was really bad like she says.


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  • To answer your question, no not at all. I think she's a bit crazy, honestly. She was the one who was treating you awfully. I don't think I would ever be able to be in a relationship if my significant other treated me like that


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  • You guys weren't meant to be right now. You both wanted different things. She is disappointed she didn't get what she wanted. You're not understanding what she wanted.

    A lot of times when your girl asks am I ______? You may need to stop and ask what is really going on. This may be a literal question or she may have been hurt by someone, something and just needs some reassuring. Subtext, subtext, subtext... for the right woman the real question (often there is never am always w/ women) is not on the surface dig deeper get her to open her heart and she will reward you greatly.

    Bottom line move on... communication and teamwork are key. Sounds like both were missing.


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  • No If anything she treated you badly, but it also seems like you guys had a communication problem if she was upset about not being #1 that wasn't the real issue but she wasn't comfortable having a conversation about what the actual problem wad.

  • she's crazy !


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