How can I break up with her without upsetting her?

Ok so recently my girlfriend came out to me, & said before me she dated a woman.

She's LGBT
I don't think we'd get along very well on this subject, we've been dating for 28 days
Well 29 now since its am.

How can I break up with her without telling her its because she's lgbt

I don't care that she's LGBT, just my religion is against it & yes I choose GOD over anyone.
Plus women who like women are somewhat Like little boys to me , sooo...

Best way to let her down...
Maybe I should call her mom & tell her first.
I'm not going to out her but ill tell her mom I think it's best we took a break..
a permanent one


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  • nah. just tell her to her face. I feel the same way. God before anyone. and it just doesn't attract u.


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  • Dude... there is literally no way to break up with someone without upsetting them. best way is to just make it as short as possible.
    because the longer it is, the more it will hurt them.
    Just tell her you can't be with her any more, and don't answer any questions. it will sting, but she will get over it.
    now when you start explaining LGBT or what the fuck ever, she will turn around and hate you as a sexist bastard (which i will side with her on)

    Now, in my opinion, you don't like LGBT, but you are religious? its fine for you to worship a non-proven, possible non existent creature but you can't let others do what they want to do because some moron told you the creature said its wrong.
    How are their actions hurting you? HOW?
    Murder is wrong, yet in the jungle different animals kill for their food, why don't you go stop that, get between that and tell them to stop... no... you fucking don't.
    If you don't like the girl... say you don't like the girl... dont use her tolerance for people who just want to be happy as your excuse.

    Thank you :)

    • Romans 1:26-27 Edit
      “ For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.[19]

      Plus, Like I said, it's not my thing.
      I like women, not little boys

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    • Hey, your life... choose how to live it.
      The only thing that made me consider religion was a story i heard, about a monk and rapper or something similar.. I don't know what he was... a "worldly" guy...
      The worldly guy told the monk,
      "You have spent your whole life, worshipping a deity that possibly doesn't exist, deprived yourself of all the pleasures of the world to do this, what if you die and find out, there isn't any?"
      The monk told the guy,
      "Well you have enjoyed the so-called pleasures and 'sinned' a lot, what if you die and you find out that there IS?"

      I finished that story by answering that monk... at least i fucking had my fun/pleasure if there isn't any and if there is... i still had my fun.
      so you know what... believe in something you don't fully understand... I on the other hand have done my research, heaven and hell is here on earth, so is God and the Devil... they are non-existent beings created by humans who want a higher hierarchy.

    • Do you, and worship a being you have never seen, talked to, nor has done anything for you. I on the other hand believe in logic... shit you can see, touch, and do shit with.
      Im not worshipping some shit that tells me they are Almighty, yet i have to do the work myself... lol... then i have to give my money to some human moron who pockets it and lives a better life than i do...
      hey, i leave that to the Schmucks.
      They preach to you that God is everywhere... yet on Sunday and many other days, you have to go to a certain building to talk to God? Are you really that daft?

  • but you said she's your girlfriend? is she still interested in women? do you think you can help her change that mentality? is she interested in you?
    All these questions you should ask her and depending on her answers I guess you will know what to do. But don't tell her mom. If she's keeping it a secret, then she's probably regretting it and she trusts you with that secret.


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