Awry twist to an unexpected love journey?

So I've been dating this girl for about 2 years now, and she's been my 1st love. She seemed like a really good girl, with all the usual mumbo jumbo of early relationship nuances.
everything seemed fine with the love life until a few weeks back I caught her in a compromising situation with someone.
I went into depression the moment this episode happened cuz I treated her like she meant the world to me. last week I heard from sources that the guy I caught her with isn't the only one she had a relationship with, instead there were 4 other guys she was fooling with simultaneously, while she was with me.

I am left with no words to describe the emptiness that has engulfed me from within cuz I provided her with everything she desired, love topping all of the materialistic things.

we broke up after a really awry fight but I feel like an asshole that got used and have truly lost hope in love cuz if a girl could do this to a guy who can provide her needs I don't know what else would suffice.

Though we've broken up I cannot get over the fact that this happened and ever since my life has hit tailspin on a downward spiral, even affecting my career that I've spent blood, sweat and tears to build it to where I am.

There is this burning vengeance in me to do something about it but not the strength in my heart to do it. how do I find a way outta this?


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  • take a different perspective of the situation at hand. take a positive outlook on this by realizing and reassuring urself that it was a test to see if u can gain control of Ur emotions and gain strength and wisdom to reevaluate what u can do differently next time

    • I've been trying to put the pieces together and understand what went wrong. but it's tough when you think that special someone has fucked you up in epic proportions.

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    • absolutely. we all need reassurance that we are not alone in our heartbreak trials. knowing and hearing stories from others helps us cope with ours. support is always helpful and just so happen to be the way we find our healing. best of luck. always here !

    • I couldn't thank you enough!

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