What will I do?

It was my mistake to stay with an emotionally unavailable man for 6 mos., inspired with the idea that he might open his heart because he was interested in trying out a relationship with me. I should have seen other men and didn't settle with him alone. Now I realized that he only wants a companion and nothing serious because he is scared to commit, of responsibilities and selfish of material possessions. He's so bad in loving and doesn't invest in relationships, only wants fun, s*x and no strings attached. He may have looked down on me as well because of my status.

I feel stupid, neglected, unworthy and lost my confidence. I'd like to regain my self-respect and believe that I'll be fine with or without anyone just like before, that I may be able to find a decent man in the future or I'll be able to live a full life even if I'm not meant for marriage.

I have another 6mos to prepare for another venture. What's best to do with this time?


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  • Be by yourself and learn to love yourself


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  • try to develop yourself to identify your weaknesses to avoid what happened in the past.
    you may miss that relationship, but what happened will teach you to make your feelings more important than others.

    take a double shift, volunteer to help older people and spend some time with them ( It will help you learn wisdom and patience.), Invite your family members out to eat, share your meal with a homeless child or try babysitting for free.

    all those things will make you feel proud of yourself and would make you a wiser person.

    • Appreciated. I recognize that I always end up with shy, meek and timid men. I guess I have to change this pattern because this is the 2nd time and it didn't work. I thought these types of men can balance me but they don't. :(

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