My boyfriend thinks I like my ex.

i went out with this guy I really liked last year, we were only together for a month(not very long) but I was in love with him. he pretty much had me wrapped around his finger, then he broke up with me and they boy I'm with now told me he thought I still had feelings for him and asked me about it, anyway.. I think about my ex a fair bit but I don't think I like him. my head tells me I don't, but my heart is kinda telling me that deep down maybe I do still like him? can someone help ? and my ex is always round at my new boys place because they're good friends now. its rather confusing.


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  • Why don't you tell him that you don't and that you only have eyes for him?


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  • Girl you prob like your ex because you were in love with him and he broke your heart. Those feelings that you have now are prob just wishful thinking and hurt. Move on and enjoy your current relationship.


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