Will he come around after he cools off from breaking up with me?

I thought things were going great and everyone complimented on how happy I was since we got together. Last Thursday I saw something online that upset me and I asked him about it while I was at work. He instantly started deflecting things right back to me. He didn't see what he did was wrong and he and he failed to see why my feelings were hurt. We get into bickers once in a while but they do not last. I normally pout and we are back to our playful selves in an hour. Well I was hurt by this and we were heavily fighting through texts. He stayed at his parents Thursday night (he pretty much lives with me) and then Friday the fighting continued and he told me he was going to come get his things and stay at his parents while I cooled off. Saturday came and we didn't really talk to much so there wasn't fighting. He left something that he needed and I told him I would bring it to him. When I got there I had brought his firestick too and he told me that he didn't need that and to leave it there because I aced like he wouldn't be back over. We bickerd once more and he told me to text him what I wanted to do. I literally got 2 minutes down the road and asked him to come over after my shower so we can fix things and then it was like a flip and he dumped me. I haven't been in contact with him for 4 days. I had to text him last night to see if he got the stuff I left on his porch yesterday and nothing. I am so devastated and I want him back in my life. Is he going to come around? Is this his way of getting back at me for hurting his feelings?


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  • This relationship sounds dangerously close to toxic. You're over anxious and insecure about him, and he is refusing to talk things out with you. One of you is obviously too immature for a real adult relationship, or you're just not compatible. Sounds to me like you *need* him too much, and you should probably take some time to find your center, learn to love yourself, instead of waiting around for a man to love you.

    • 1. Totally agree!

      2. At the same time
      Depends for how long u guys are together, but as I can see u r kinda obsessed with him.. this is the worst u can do to your boyfriend. I was doing the same mistakes, every time we were arguing I was the one to apologise or if he is not texting me I am freaking out - very very wrong!

      Don't do anything. U texted him which was a mistake, don't do it again. As I said, depends for how long u guys are together. Also, wait till he texts/calls you:1. U gonna see if he is into you and if he cares
      2. Don't bring the topic immediately, give it sometime, be friendly to him.

      Most importantly, try to focus your mind on yourself- don't count on someone, this is the way that u r not gonna be hurt in the future and also u will show him that u r not "dying" for him. Live your life, if it's not him, will be someone else.

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    • So just focus on yourself now, and see what will happen

    • Oh my gosh, you do not deserve this! Classic abuser written all over this guy! Breaking you down so that you wouldn't leave him, and done with you the very second you showed him that he doesn't have control over you, good going you got away when you did!

  • he sounds like an ass, let him go


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