Confusion about ex?

My ex and I got back together on May and last Wednesday he blind sided me with another break up. I guess I'm wondering is why is he still looking at my snap stories and also posting when you and the love of your life become strangers on accident and sends me snaps saying let me wipe away your tears and kiss your lips but when i asked him what he was trying to say he said I don't know. Also why is answering my messages because last time he wanted nothing to do with me. Anybody have any ideas?


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  • Honestly, this sounds like a mix of the classic "you want what you can't have but when you have it you don't want it anymore" and "You never miss the diamond at your bedside until it's gone" if you know what I mean?

    • So he's pretty much regretting breaking up with me in some type of way? If I kinda understood that right

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    • Then why get back together with me?

    • Same as my first reply. He didn't know that he missed the relationship as a thing rather than you as person. (most likely)

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