Why when I get in a relationship does the guy not tell me that he wants to break up?

They will just ignore me. I feel extremely used!


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  • Because you allow it. Break up with him

    • What do you mean I allow it?

    • You allow him to not say anything instead of taking silence as "I want to break up" he's too much a pussy to just say so

    • I try to let them explain but I think u are right. I should break up asap.

What Girls Said 1

  • Girl, that's happened to me. Take a step back, evaluate the relationship, see if it's worth it, then make a move and either break up or try and see where the issues lie.

    • I've been trying to evaluate it but I'm stuck between it. In my current relationship he normally never does this and before we get into a relationship he promised me he wouldn't ignore me like my exes did.

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    • If he ignores you often, that isn't treating you right. But he also needs his privacy, so if he doesn't wanna talk SOMETIMES, that's fine. But if he doesn't respond to you for weeks, then you should leave him.

    • Yea ik.

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