Girlfriend is torn between me and her ex?

as of now we've been dating for almost 8 months. we both love each other very much. we attend the same school but live in different cities. but during the winter break she ended up kissing her ex. she told me the same day and she was crying and told me she hated herself for it and she was so sorry.

a semester passed and now during the summer, feelings for him have come up again. she kinda realized this when she found out he was in the hospital. and now she tells me she's enjoying being with him and she sometimes wants to hold him, hold his hand and kiss him. and right now we're both going through a lot especially her, trying to clear things up on what she really wants. she being torn apart by having feelings for two guys. I love her and she loves me but we don't know how what to do, how she can solve this

i would appreciate any advice on this or any thoughts or opinions
Girlfriend is torn between me and her ex?
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