Why would an ex keep checking up on you?

He is a loner type of guy. He isn't used to relationships and he let ours go. He's 33 so probably will never change. The only thing is that we've been broken up for 1yr 3 months, but he still messages me. I haven't seen him since November when we met up a few times after breaking up.

Every month he says he hopes I'm ok. Last time he tried to see if I'm single and what I'm doing on the weekend. He messaged me by accident and when I did t respond he said hope you're ok. Sent that message by accident.

What does he want? I miss him but I don't think he could have changed & is probably lonely.


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  • Probably he cares a lot about and he has still feelings for you..

    Could you answer to my question on my profile? Thanks


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  • Cares about you still


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