My boyfriend and I broke up?

We've been in a long distance relationship for over 2 years and we had a fight because I was talking about my friend continuously and he was so rude saying he doesn't wanna know about it. I got angry and didn't text him for 3 days, he was so rude to me. I told him how rude he was and he says he didn't mean it. And now we just broke up it's an amazing relationship but I'm deeply hurt what should I do?


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  • him not wanting to know about what you and your friend talked about was rude to you
    that being said, you clearly should move on
    because he is just respecting your privacy and you find it rude.

    • He wasn't respecting my privacy he just "Didn't wanna talk about it"

    • its the same thing
      and even if he just didn't wanna talk about it, you should have respected his decision

    • But he can't be so rude

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  • Sounds Like The Both Of You Should Stay Single.


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  • shit happens

  • Move on, you're young and there will be many other people who'll stumble into your life in the future.


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