Is sex with an ex just sex?

How do you feel about sex with an ex? Particularly men... are you over your ex when you do it? What makes you see them after declaring it's over for good... nothing more than friends?

Bearing in mind if it's long distance. The plan has always been the same, transport, hotel, meal, drinks etc. Is it just sex then?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's been a couple mos since I've had sex with 1 of my exes but to be honest it was just sex. That's just me though. I didn't feel like going to a bar or whatever & going through the motions of picking up a girl for the nite. That doesn't mean that is the case with you.

    • Would that include long distance. If you had to travel and pay for transport, rail, drinks, meals etc?

    • No I wouldn't. You would think if a guy travelled to see someone they would because they actually wanted to see that person.. I would anyways.

What Girls Said 1

  • Based on experience, a boy who is your ex just considers it sex. Scratching an itch, nothing more. :(


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