I might have the most terrible thing in my life. I won't be able to forgive myself?

I met this girl once when i went to deliver food to her place the first time I saw her she could barely walk I I asked her for help but she insisted she is fine. I did like that girl I started asking out for lunch I am a very shy person. She seemed to be very annoyed when we meet it was more of a compulsion for her to meet me. I had seen her going out with lots of guys I had seen making out with guys in front of me. I was hurt once I tried asking her out for dinner we had booze after when we left I just wrapped my around her waist she seemed frightened and moved away. Then she stopped reply messages and talking to me for a long time. We met again after long time I always kept my distance from her. We spent an adequate time together for sometime. Then someday she left I was always available to her. My friends told me I was taken for granted and she just used. I still didn't believe them but sooner she started ignoring me. She had a sucidal tendency I was always there for her I did my best. But after listening from my friends that I had been used and I could recall her making out with other guys in front me I messaged her that she was slutting around being with lots of guys and which she herself had told me about. Today I feel sorry about saying that to her and she still doesn't talk to me. I feel so guilty about what I said to her. Could anyone tell me if i was terribly wrong doing that or If I should just make peace with that past.


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  • White phourphous on a playground is terrible this is. ... just used asswipe

  • Saying something mean is always wrong, but you should make peace with past and move forward with life


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