How do you talk to someone you don't know?

So I added this absolutely gorgeous guy on facebook, and it seems like he gets lots of girls doing the same.

How do I start a private conversation with him? I really want him to talk to me and just reply so we can hit it off, even if its just a friendship.

i have no idea how to start it and carry it on...


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  • do you know him in real life? just message him on facebook chat saying hi.

  • well when I was in the same position you're in I just posted " hey(: what's up?" on his wall

    if you want it private just message him or facebook chat him sometime

    if you facebook chat him after a few times you could be like

    "oh I have to go, you could text/call me sometime if you want?"

    and that will give you a chance to give him your number

    • Ive seen that some other girls have done that and he doesn't reply :/

    • Oh well maybe try starting a conversation with him ? about something you see he likes, maybe music ?

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