How do you get over missing your ex?

So about a year ago I went out with a guy and I really liked him. We went out for just over half a year, and he cheated on me twice in that time so I broke up with him. I was super upset after the break up but a few months later I moved on, or so I thought. A few days ago he announced he was with another girl and posted an image of them holding hands on his social media. When I saw it I felt sad and kind of like I still had feelings for him even though he cheated, and I admit I kind of do miss him... How do I get over that feeling or at least cope with it?


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  • block your ex and see other people. Suppress all of your pictures together and if you are thinking about him remind yourself how much he made you look like stupid by cheating on you not only once.


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  • I'm not over it, still missing her


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