Is he doing this to jab me even more?

I dumped my now ex after revealing to him that I know he has been seeing "Amy" on the side. and my calculation of his affair being 6 months with Amy was accurate, he admitted this much.

Im not friends with Amy or him on FB. But I do creep both of their pages. Every 2 weeks, she posts a selfie as her profile pic. All if her profile pics dating back 3 years are a solo selfie. My ex never "liked" any of her pics even during their 6 month affair. But now, he's liking all of them.

I wonder if it's because he knows I'm creeping. Sounds like this could be the case. I just find it odd that now he's suddenly liking them.


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  • Wow this is so disturbing. I see why he cheated

    • Whatever everyone creeps. I could've messages her which I did not or will not.

    • no. everyone doesn't creep. I don't know a male that does. But again, I see why he did what he did.

  • Try not creeping you'll just waste time when you could move one to better things


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