Will he lose interest in me?

Im in a long distance relationship for 7 months now. And everytime he gets naughty and talk dirty to me, i always get speechless and i just dont know what to do or say, worse i act so awkward and i see it in his face that he's upset, maybe he feel like i dont want him but i really do. I get turned on whenever he starts acting naughty and flirty with me. He said its fine and he can wait till we meet, but i really wana try and do phone sex with him at least once, but i get so embarrassed that it makes me speechless. Im an introvert and talking is really not my thing. Now, im worried he might lose interest in me in the long run, or worse cheat on me. what should i do.πŸ™ˆπŸ™€πŸ˜–


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  • under above circumstances I think he will leave you because of long distance relationship he needs something extra from you thats why he acting like this

    • But he assures me that its okay and that he can wait till we meet. He already booked his ticket, but its gona be another 3 months from now. Im scared he'll meet someone before his visit and leave me. And lately he's feeling stressed and i feel like i need to atlest get his mind away from his problems by pleasing him. But i just dont know how.

    • hmmm that what I mean to say above nutshell is that he has left you have courage

    • Thanks for selecting my opinion as MHO its my honour

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  • Have you had sex in real life?

    • weve never met yet.

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    • I doubt that would be the case and if it were, best to find out early!

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • maybe you should be more aggressive and don't think be wild and let go of your insecurities men love that

    • I tried. πŸ˜”whenever i do try, its either he gotta work or he change the subject, maybe because he think its not my thing and he doenst want to make me feel uncomfortable. it doesn't help that we have this language barrier. Im not good with English.

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    • you think i didn't dissapoint him or anything? can a guy go without doing it or even masterbating for 7 months?

    • yes and hell no!!! a guy can't survive for that long without masterbating or having sex

  • tell him exactly how you feel so he can understand and help you feel more comfortable doing it with him.

    • I told him and he said its fine, he can wait. but, can he really wait?

    • that's up to him and how much he loves you, I'm sorry I don't know.

    • 😭 its okay sir. thank you.

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