What does it mean when a guy say he isn't in love with you anymore?

the keyword is ANYMORE that is concerning... does that mean he never loved her? why would a guy be harsh to a woman a say I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU ANYMORE... instead he should of sugarcoated it a little bit more?


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  • I would say it's more like "I used to love you but something happened" Don't "overreact" (overreact is a shitty word as you only react according to what you feel) to the word even though I understand what you mean. Ofc he loved you anymore implies he used to?


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  • Why would you want him to sugarcoat it and give you hope?

    Yes, he may have loved you at one point. By saying that he doesn't love you anymore, he wants to move on to different things. It's not wrong. It's hurtful, yes, but the truth hurts sometimes. It's infinitely better than a sweet lie that will eat you up from the inside out.

    • NO hope... Just could of said I am not in love you with. ANYMORE!!! is very harsh... NO HOPE its better ways to do things!

    • Why do you think that the "anymore" part is so cruel? I don't find it so.

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  • personally I think saying "anymore" is sugarcoating. Not the other way round

    • Explain? because it kinda sounds like he never did...

    • I don't love you = maybe he loved you before maybe he never loved you. there's no explanation. Seems cold and distant. minimum words and done walks away

      I dont love you anymore = I used to love you but now I don't. I see it as "I appreciate the time we've spent but that's passed now"

  • All I know is that if I ever said that to a woman it would mean exactly that... word for word. Basically that I had fallen out of love.


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