Will he ever contact me?

Guy I dated for 2 months honestly seemed in love with me or so I thought and I fell for it hard too. He chased me and texted me everyday and when we hung out on weekends he let me meet all his close friends and even his family after only 2 weeks of knowing him! He has a drinking problem I have realized, and I started to

see more of his past as well. He has a bad boy past but has a huge heart with a lot of love to give, he just seems ashamed and

confused. He admitted he liked me a lot and named all the qualities in me he likes...beautiful, funny and sense of humor, intellectual, personality, etc. When we had a talk about where we stood since it was 2 months already it seemed to go well and in the direction of yea things were becoming official. The day after he called out of work and we stayed at his house all day cuddling and watching movies. We slept in each others arms. He didn't want me to leave his side. All this makes me think he fell for me too. 2 days

went by and I hadn't heard from him. 3rd day I confronted him what was wrong, and he says he still wasn't over his ex and it wouldn't be fair to me if he wasn't 100% with me. He says the feelings weren't genuine, not yet anyways, and he needs more time to get serious with anyone. What the f*** I guess he has more feelings for his ex because he knows her longer than our 2 months? Isn't she an ex for a reason? I am using the no contact rule and have not talked to him since the break up texts. That was 2 weeks ago, have not heard from him, I will not contact him at all first. Will he ever

miss me and realize how much funnier and

more fun I am than any other girl he ever gets with? I'm sorry even though I don't want to take him back for this, I know in my heart that I am the best woman for him in his whole life even if he

doesn't see that. I am the most non- judgmental and unconditional and especially loyal than anyone else he ever gets with guaranteed. Our zodiac signs are the 2 most compatible love signs in all the zodiac. He is a Pisces and I am a Scorpio. Please tell me what

will happen? When will I hear from him if he does want to talk? Will he realize now that I am gone what he has missed out on?

He never really gave us a real chance? What should I do if he comes back? Should I ignore him? Help? Thanks


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What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds like a guy you need to steer clear of, or at least until he cleans up his drinking problems and truly is over any ex's in his life. Bad boys are highly unlikely to be reformed, or reform themselves. Often they appear to show a little vulnerability to get a woman to trust them, then they take full advantage once you've gotten all emotional for them. Knowing a guy for two months is not long enough to "love" someone. You were infatuated. I suggest you spend less time thinking about him by staying busy with other pursuits, men, friends, family and so forth. It will give you much needed perspective.


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  • Your going through the same thing as me, I was seeing some one for 2 months and he ended it cause he wasn't over his ex. I know this is hard but the best thing to do is keep busy and don't wait round for him.


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