He texted me "I would appreciate it if you didn't talk to me anymore." why is he saying this?

backstory: him and i were best friends before anything else. he really liked me, but i didn't like him back, and i was kinda talking to another guy at the time. after me and the other guy ended, i started to possibly consider giving my friend a chance. i didn't do anything more than kiss him for the longest time, so that he wouldn't think i was just being easy. he is the "player" type, however he made everything he told me so genuine, I met his family, he met mine, and everything seemed to go so well. i went home from college for a month (summer) but was going to be coming back to work for the other half of summer (he lives in the town our university is in). the whole time i was home he told me how much he missed me, cared about me, would never hurt me, can't wait for me to be back, etc. i told him if he hooks up with someone please tell me and i won't be mad. a week before i got back, he texted me and said he woke up with a girl, but was super drunk and barely remembered it (kinda calling BS on that). but i was glad he told me he said it meant nothing and he still cares about me. when i got back, he was being super sketchy and was always with that girl. so i basically cut things off (we were at a bar though, and kind of drunk). but then he seriously started seeing this girl and basically completely stopped talking to me. even as friends. so i said F it and started doing my own thing. i hooked up with one of our mutual friends (i used to previously hook up with him) and im pretty sure he found out about that. but I technically didn't do anything wrong? i tried talking to his friends about the whole situation and why he just suddenly acts like he doesn't know me and they say just let it be for now. why is he acting so rude when he clearly is now with another girl?
in addition: I don't know if this has anything to do with his ego but he told me "you made me chase you harder than im used to, that's why I like you so much" *douche line I know* but thought I'd add to show that I wasn't super clingy the whole time


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  • assuming everything u said is true, it is his fault... but this whole thing has hurt you way more than it hurt him... best thing would be to let go and move on, if you can't then try binging on Oreos they have answers to all of the life's problems


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  • This is ridiculous. I would just let it go and don't waste anymore energy on this... if it bothers you that much then busy yourself and be productive


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  • Because you didn't want him until after being with someone else.

    I was in a similar situation and the girl wanted to get back with me after ditching me for someone else.

    Even though i liked her after what she did I couldn't get back with her

  • because he is that way. ignore him. I didn't read the whole thing.


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