Girls I need some advice ?

So me and my ex broke up we got in a fight and we still talk after that and we started to FaceTime again and I don't know if that's good for me or bad I just need someone else's advice at this point


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  • hey, well from your few words initially i would ask you, did you make first contact after the break up? when you facetime do you feel good afterwards? or what do you feel? do you think or believe you have a future? or does she? its not advice because its not what you need you appear to be asking for view points so I've tried a few... xx

    • Well we broke up n talked then we stopped in like Idw hurt u no more so after that she made the first contact, I do feel good after wards, I believe we might because she told me Idw date right now but we can in the future she bassicly told me I want o be alone also I just need advice with wth should I do I still have so many feelings for her Ik she has some I don't know if it's the same

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