Returning stuff to ex?

My ex broke up with me over 3 months ago after a 2+ year relationship. The breakup turned very weird because for 2 months, he kept chatting with me every single day, initiating conversations and all. He would say he didn't want to date me but, as I still loved him, I thought this would be the way to get back together. One day we even met (he offered to help me with something) and he kissed me. We made out, as I was under the impression that I was finally getting him back, but in the end, he told me he didn't actually want to be with me and it was just a "thing of the moment". He then proceeded in telling me we couldn't even be friends. I was very hurt but respected his wishes, not contacting him again. Earlier this week (around a month after he said that), he texted me, even after telling me he didn't want to be friends with me (he saw my instagram and congratulated me over something that happened and asked me a few things). A few hours later I replied and all i got was nothing, he didn't even reply with a polite "thank you".

I thought I was feeling better since we stopped contacting. I was missing him less and less and feeling better with myself. But since he texted me, i really took a few steps back on my progress. I'm back to feeling really sad and empty, missing him and crying every day. I still have a few things of his at my house, so I was wondering if I should return them now, so I don't have any reason to talk to him again and possibly risking my future progress. He always said we had plenty of time to return stuff, so no need to rush. However, it bothers me to have his stuff here now that we aren't even friends. But I'm scared of texting him in order to do that and I don't know how to act. Can somebody help me?

Thank you if you read it all
Returning stuff to ex?
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