My ex-boyfriend from high school is begging for me back? Help?

We are both 21 now but we dated when we were juniors in high school. We have been broken up for 4 years. The breakup was hard on me. He dumped me a week before Valentines Day out of the blue. My dad picked me up and I cried all the way home. After that, he kept toying with me. He took me out a week after my birthday to celebrate my birthday. I thought he was going to ask me to prom but he ended up asking his other ex-girlfriend the next morning on the beach, prom spelled out in seashells. I know it sounds stupid now but at the time I lost it... I mean really lost it. After that, i lost all trust and faith in him. I moved on after that. It was too hard. We both left for college and I dated a bunch of people and he dated as well. But he always came back asking if we could hang. Recently he's been really wanting to get back together. I gave him a chance back in May and he blew it. So I blocked him on every social media thing I had on him. Two days ago he emailed me and said he wants an "us" and wants me forever. He made plans to take me out to lunch this Thursday but my gut tells me he won't show up. He says he will pick me up but I have a feeling he won't show. I keep going back and forth with this. He keeps telling me its always been me and he wants to marry me. Talks about having kids. Quote on quote said "I can't wait to have a baby with you" What do I do? I am so torn. I feel he came too late. But he keeps persisting.


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  • Just from reading your post I see he wronged you about 3 times already. You haven't told me a single positive thing about this guy in your post. Judging from that I think you should forget about this guy forever. Block him everywhere possible and never talk to him again. He has brought you some much drama and suffering. I think that's all you're gonna get with this guy.

  • give him 1 chance atlist.


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