Myboyfriend broke up with me and said he didn't love me anymore but then he says I do love I am in love with you but I don't want to hurt you anymore?

by the way, we live together.

and he's trying to hug me, get my attention, and I'm not caving in yet. He then said , "I am in love with you, I truly am" and I just say... stop I don't want to talk or hear about this right now
He's been smoking weed and HE NEVER does he only smokes when he depressed, concealing his emotion, and is down. So so I know he's not doing good! Then after talking a little I said " I'm leaving" and he said " can I have a hug" and I said "no" then I said " will it make you feel better " he said" I'm not telling you how I feel" then he finally said "yes it will make me feel better" so I gave him a hug and said " happy you got your way" scarcastically and he responded saying " me getting my way would you sleeping next to" I didn't respond, I just touched the side of his rib where my name is tatted and then I left him two cigs with a note saying " I thought you might want this in the morning" then left shortly after I left he texted me saying " be safe" then called saying I forgot my cig... so I knock on the porch and he opens and I say " where are my cigs" and he leaves my cig pack with a note saying " thought you might want this tonight" then we have a smoke and he kinda tells me how he feels and says " you won't let me in" I said " no not yet we need distance" he said "three days isn't enough" I said no. Then I said I need to go and I exited the porch door as I'm exiting he says " you're going to leave like that no hug" and I said " yes just think about everything " he said really" then I just shut the door and he blew me a kiss and I blew one baxk and he mouthed " I love you " I just walked away... i want him back but I'm trying to show him that I'm okay without him? Make him miss me.
My question is... now that you have a little background knowledge. Should I go home or stay away a bit longer? And what do you think he's feeling? Do you guys think he's caving in and get back?
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  • hey it's ur life what u think if it was my story and I had asked an help what u have said me


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