Why would my ex boyfriend send me a friend request?

We broke up November last year and he's my first almost everything we had a good 2 year relationship. I broke up with him because I didn't had any time for him and I knew that he wasn't happy with how we hardly spend time together. So I told him that in 8 months my life would be better for a relationship ( I sent that in a text he didn't responded). Out of the blue 6 months later he contacted me and agreed to what I said before we texted for 2 weeks then he ghosted me for a month. Now he sent me a friend request two months later what's up with him?
Why do you think he sent me a friend request?
Is he just trying to torment me?


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  • Sounds like he had something else going on, it didn't work out and now back to "plan b"

    • Yeah that's what I thought

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    • I'll try its just so hard right now I'm expecting a call from him anytime soon. Its like I'm the closest he every had to perfection and realized that he messed up. Thanks for you options by the way.

    • Beat of luck to you :)

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  • He was probably trying to grab your attention and make you still think about him while having no intentions of anything happening again.

    • Yeah that makes sense he probably wanted to see if I would desperately made an attempt to contact him

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    • That's for damn sure. Just know that you are much better off without him no matter what he says or does in the future.

    • I'll try to tell myself that.

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