Help I need advice ?

(I'm 20, boyfriend is 26 and we have been dating for 8 months, currently in a 7 month relationship)

Everything was fine until 2 weeks ago. My boyfriend is usually good at keeping up with his messages and makes me feel amazing when I hang out with him. Nonetheless he ignored a message I sent to him until the end of his day last week. So I spoke to him about it on the weekend (Saturday) and he seemed to understand what I was saying. He said that he got busy, I know he is not busy that he can't find 15 seconds to say I'm busy. I'm not a controlling girlfriend and never told him what to do.

4 days after speaking to him he does the same thing again. He ignored me until the end of the day. Since this happening we have messaged for 1 more day and then I just stoped messaging him when I recognised the disrespect he was showing me as I had already spoke to him about ignoring me and then he does it again.

Right now it's been 2 days since I've been ignoring him and he seems to be doing his usual thing as he is uploading snaps on his story.

What do I do? Honestly I really like this guy and don't understand how this all happened. I'm just upset that he didn't take notice anything we spoke about because he just repeated his behaviour like he doesn't care how I feel.

What do you think I should do? Continues ignoring him? Talking to him for the 3rd time about not informing me? HELP!!!


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  • I don't understand why you fail to see what's going on... he obviously doesn't give a shit about getting back to you. And he definitely doesn't feel the same way anymore, seems like he wants things to die out between you two. Chances are he's met someone else and likes them now or he simply doesn't want to be with you anymore.


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  • good for you for ignoring him. you recognize that he is disrespectful and you understand that you are not ok with that and you let him know.. his continued disrespectful behavior is a clear sign and you need to make a stand for yourself tell him he needs to fix it or you are gone. and you need to be committed to the outcome...

    • So would you recommend I communicate one last time with him and see what happens?

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    • When I spend time with him I try to make him feel amazing and I think this has made him think I'm too much and the he can get anyway with anything

    • you likely have and that is how he sees it.. views you as the old reliable that will always be there when he wants you. he needs to understand that he can not treat a woman that way. unfortunately he sounds like the kinda guy that won't change and if he does it will be short lived and he will regress to what he is

  • I would break up it shouldn't be like that a relationship

  • Seems like he is preoccupied with someone else on snap chat


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