Guys tell me if you would do the same?

my boyfriend and I have been together for a while now

and he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend.

and recently he has been gone and I started talking to his ex.

well long story short me and her hit it off (I'm bi )

and my boyfriend told me I can have a girlfriend so I thought it was OK. but I guess it's not!

he won't tell me why he just told me I can't see her anymore.


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  • Life is unfair, let him deal with it, he saw her, now its your turn to c her :)


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  • I think it's unfair that he gets to see her and you don't. I'd see her or stop him seeing her. Otherwise it's not fair at all.

    • Well we both agreed today. that we would both stop seeing her. but she is great I just don't see why he won't let me have her when he said I could have a girlfriend. he just hate's her he said he used her for a bootycall..

    • So just say to him that now it's your turn to use her for a "booty call"

  • to be fair he can't actually stop you seeing her,

    i think he's just a bit jelous of his ex he's worried that he might have to share you with her


    • That's what I think.. I don't think he expected me to really get a girlfriend.. and def,not her!

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    • Yes he knew and he is perfectly okay with it..

    • Well if that is the case I don't think he is upset at you being bi but upset that you got with his ex misses

      on a personal note it is rather demoralising when your girl friend sleeps or leaves you for another girl

      that could be why he doesn't want you to see her again.


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