How do I let him know I like him?

OK, I hooked up with this guy a few times and I know he likes me quite a bit. Won' list it here but its true. Well, I live in a different town than him and we've been in contact. I don't want to come on too strong but I do want it to be known I do like him. But, I can't just come out and say "Hey, I like you" ha ha that's too corny. What would you like to hear from a girl when they are flirting with you, that lets you know your not just a here and there hook up for them?


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  • Sweetie, guys are not wired like girls so I hope you will learn a little lesson I did MUCH later on my in life. Flirting is delicious - guys LOVE IT.

    BUT... NEVER NEVER NEVER tell a guy that you like him before HE tells YOU. If you do?

    You are setting yourself up to be used. A guy MUST chase the girl! That's how a male is.. In the wild - the male chases the female... NOT the other way around! They need a challenge - a "prize" that they have "won" - to VALUE.. That is YOU! When YOU chase -- you take away that challenge and his desire to learn more about you.. I guarantee you.. I PROMISE YOU.. IF he is interested in you --- HE WILL BE BACK. Do nothing. No calls. No texts. No emails. Zero.

    He needs to chase you! The outcome will be a whole lot better than if you tell him you like him. BIG mistake... He will be flattered - but he won't respect you. He will find another girl who presents a bigger challenge to win over than you~~ ! Hugz.

    • Well thank you. I always find it hard to think like a guy because I'm all caught up in my end of the situation. I do really like him and feel as if I'm falling for him. Just wish it was easier or I could KNOW what he wanted out of all of it. Lol, I suppose time will tell and in the meantime I will wait it out and see hwere we go. I have been leavng it up to him. V slow paced I'd say tho:(

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