Is he mad at me or did he just want us to stop being friends?

so yesterday i send a snap to my friends including the guy that i used to "date" (a month ago things didn't work out cause we never took iniciatives into talking or being together, but we were really into each other in the start and we vibed together, i still think he's my soulmate that's why i still want to try again) but things got weird. So i sent the snap (it was a 70's guy with all the embarracing clothes and i wrote "this is the type of guy that would make some panties drop boizzz") and he responded "leave it there", so i said "what", "very peculiar" and he answered "always".
when we were together he always used emojis and write paragraphs for responses, now he sends like 5 words and never iniciate a conversation
i responded to that "always" of his with a "the very peculiar was for the man of the pic ahah" and he said "and my always too ahah" (it wasn't, i mean...), i replied "you never know, it could be a ironic and mad "always"", his only response was "no no""i'm calm", our "conversation ended with me saying "yes i know but you never truly know" and that is it.
we belong to the same group of friends, it's complicated, and i felt so mad at him after this conversation and even after the breakup. it was mutual, we both said things didn't work out, even though i still liked him, cause i was suspicious of his intentions, i still am. but now i want to get back with him. i'm going to confront him in a week and ask him his side of the story (is this a good idea?) i feel so mad right now that if i talk to him i'm going to slap that beautifull face cause i don't know if he only used me and now doesn't want anything to do with me or he's mad cause i never put an effort into the "relationship" (never took a iniciative in anything)
oh, and when we were just friends he never talked to me like that, i mean, if he was ever interested in me can he just have lost his interest like that, if he liked me then, does he like me now?


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  • He could lost his interest but if you feel something about him don't wait just ask and if responds no it's fine nothing to worry about you would get another nice guy.


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  • I think you were a bit of a drama queen and escalates something that is nothing


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