Why do girls like boys that treat them wrong?

so I started dating this girl. Before we started dating she told me about her ex and how they dated for 9 months and how he treated her like shit and that he cheated on her about 6 time's. She also broke up with him 3 times and she still loved him. so anyway we started talking more and more and eventually I started gaining feelings for her so about a month after her break up I decided to ask her out and she said and a week later she broke up with because I was being nice and loving to her, her words not mine
when she broke up with me I td her it was okay because I was waiting for her to do it, she then replied saying "how and why are you being so nice? " I replied saying well there's no point in being mean to someone you once loved" she then decided to the other reason she broke up with me was because she still loved her ex. so about a month later we started dating again and during that I spent gaining her trust, 2 weeks after we started dating she broke up with me again saying that she didn't feel right to drag me along and that I should give up. but in all honesty I love her and even tho she's hurt me so much I still don't want to give up on her 💔💔


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  • Because the biological need to date someone who is strong and successful. Look at nature where only the most aggressive and powerful animals get most of the mates.

    Women tend to shy away from "nice guys" because they're complete pushovers. They want someone who doesn't put them on a pedestal women enjoy the thrill of someone who's unpredictable.

    This is true about both men and women a lot of the time. We love the chase and if someone becomes way too easy and obtainable that can sometimes make our interest suffer.

    The good thing is in the future when women are looking for wives they're going to want the nice guy who is a stable family man.

  • They present a challenge.


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