We like each other, but he doesn't want relationship. What should I do?

He doesn't want relationship with anyone not just me. but he really likes me and i really like him.

we have been like this for like 2 years, on and off. We really enjoy each other company and we always have a great time together.

But last night i told him that that want to be normal friends bcoz i want to date properly like normal people (but im not looking for anyone right now i just want to make him feel that he is losing me.) We were upset, he was so upset he was bagging and saying that he can't be normal friend with me. but he just can't do relationship. -He said he doesn't want relationship because he wasn't ready, his fucked up his relationship with his ex, and with me so it makes him feel really really bad.

He doesn't date anyone else, we talk everyday like facetime, text and call etc. We r not in relatioship but we act like! so im super confused. However i told him that we will be normal friends, he was cry a little bit and same as me. I assume we really like each other but he doesn't want relationship.

I dont know what should i do,
should I just stay like this with him? no title but we feel the same and enjoy each other company that should be enough right? because some people are in relatioship but doesn't feel like inrelatioship.
Or i should move on and find someone else because I deserve someone who want to commit and want me to be his girlfriend.


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  • Unless you're okay with being single for the rest of your life because he's just that dear of a friend to you, I'd cap my losses and leave him be. He can't be THAT good of a friend if he's basically using you as an emotional crutch without being willing to give you what you want in return.

    • thank you for your advice, I think i will move on and let him be... but I really miss him and that

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