How can I know she is not cheating on me?

for some time now she has been close to my best friend and since he is my friend I don't have any fears but lately they even go out and I saw last evening kiss him .I'm disturbed

how can I know she is not cheating on me


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  • ok Alvin, you're in a tough situation here...number 1 would your best friend do this and WHY is your best friend spending time alone with her? I guess my question is why is your friend doing this to you, rather than why is your girlfriend - because your friend has been there a lot longer than she has and he should respect you enough to not spend time alone with your friends have NEVER spent time alone with my girlfriend, ever...sure they;ve invited us BOTH out for a few drinks but this whole "kissing" and spending time alone doesn't fly with need to talk to your boy first, not your need to ask him what they do on their "alone" time and why they are doing it so often...dont assume anything yet, you don't want to jump into the wrong conclusion and break ties with your friend...bottom line is you need to get tot eh bottom of this, its not fair for you to be going through this with you friend and you gf...he needs to respect you and understand that its NOT COOL for him to be seeing her ALONE and for them to be "kissing" whether it be on the cheek or anything for that matter...i really hope this works out for you and I hope she isn't cheating - if it comes down to it that she is I would DEFRIEND you so called friend...number one rule in my book is do not mess around with your boys girl, even after a break up, unless you wouldn't care after the break up...but this isn't fair for you, I hope it all works out

    good luck

    • If I can talk to him to clear himself it could be important but he is running away from me

      i know he know A-Z about me .

      They may or may not have time for me but they will come back for assistance

      i agree with you way let me try it


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  • I think you should trust your gut. If you feel something isn't right it's usually a red flag. You don't want to be with someone or even friends with someone that would treat you like that. Don't even question if she is cheating on you. Leave her and find yourself a better one

    • You are wonderful dear

      that is it I don't have time to listen to her

      I saw that with my eyes

      and can not blame any one at all

  • okayy, I think your girl is cheating on you. all the facts you have point towards it. I think you need to just talk to both of them seperately starting with your best friend and just be straight up with him. as for your girl I think you should just be like I have a feeling you cheating on me with my friend and I need to know if you are, and basically if she gets defensive or jittery, well then you know something really has to be up.

    hoped I helped

    • Thanks I wish they could listen but have you taken into account if I quit the relationship what about that

  • talk to her and most probably she might lie but if you wanna spy on her make sure dosnt see you or else your screwed if she wasn't cheatin on you so maybe you cud juz trust her thtll be the best way nd probably send a freind to spy on her so that she dosnt kno

    • I have seen it by myself I don't have a spy only what I'm wondering if they have had sex

      but as for mouth to mouth kiss I saw it

      she came to me trying to hug me I said no not today think of it

      where can I get a nice girl I can trust

    • Iz always hard to get a partner tht you can trust most of the time it ends up being a girl/guy your relly close to like your best frend

  • Hire a detective.: |

    Seriously man, she kissed him in front of you...Just tell her that you already know about the kiss and forgive her or dump her...It's your choice after all.

    • Thanks dear it is important because there are many more girls who need to be loved and who can keep up with one man

      i must get rid of her

    • That's right...there are plenty fish in the sea ( :!she obviously doesn't deserve you...

    • You are rigth no need to fish in the sand while my nets can get from the sea good and fresh fish

  • oh, I think she's cheating or at least thinking about it.

    • Sure she is cheating but I want her to own up and say . I know this happens we are human and we have likes and dislikes .

    • Just tell her that you want her to own up to it, tell her it's obvious, you've seen them kiss, you know they are spending a lot of time together etc. She will probably lie about it and all that but you have seen it and I think that should be enough for you to leave.

  • I might be alittle late but sorry to tell you she is cheating. If you saw her give your friend a kiss then you should know that she is cheating.

    • Thanks dear after listening to all of you then show it wise to forget about her

      im greatful for the advice I have gotten from you

    • Ur welcome

  • err no offense but how dumb are you. she kissed him, you need to get rid of that how

    • Thanks dear the vonly way out is to show her that I have no time for her

  • If they went out and you weren't there, she's cheating on you.

    • Thanks dear she has been going out but it is over now I will get rid of her as the better

  • get her drunk and ask her

    • Sure good idea but don't you think I will be going agaist her wishes? Why can't she own up and tell me she is attracted to him or they have been doing it for a long time only I was a fool.

    • Its a pretty hard thing to tell someone you care about and really, if she is doing it, then what does it matter if you're going against her wishes, she obviously doesn't care what your wishes are.

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  • Buddy she is CHEATING on you. You're just in complete f***in denial. Why do you want her to own up? Who gives a f***. You know she's cheating dump her ass, stop being a p**** and move on. She's playing you like a chump

    • I think you share the same as I do let me dump her that is all

  • Kiss? On the lips, cheek?

    Talk to your buddy first. Bros before hos. He'll tell you were he stands with her. (if he really is your best friend)

    • Hughman it is not easy for me to have time with him because he has developed a habit of running away

      to meet her when he is sure I'm in a particular place

    • I smell a rat if what you are saying is correct. You NEED to have a talk. If either of them looks uncomfortable, you know you're onto something.

  • The only good thing you can do is ask her about it, But otherwise follow her out I guess. Otherwise she could lie. Or you could just trust her I guess. =/ Sorry I can't help you anymore.

  • as a man I would defo get rid of her mate and I would also disown your so called friend or beat him up mate seriuosly who needs enemies with friends like these

  • She's cheating. Move on.

    And about your best friend - kick him out of your life too. He's bad news.

  • Duuuuude. She is cheating on you. How dumb can you get? Dump her!


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