I care about her?

I care about my crush, I love her...

But she doesn't seem the same way, and I'm feeling she is kinda emotionally unavailable...

We never got into deep talks, and she's like that with most people... She just talks about the first things on her mind.

I don't know, the point is that I love her and care about her... But she doesn't like me back and won't open up...

and I'm struggling to let her go.


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  • Give it time and find things to distract yourself with.


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  • https://youtu.be/TY3rT2N1Ecs
    This video is so versatile and has a message that's makes you see the reality of things. I have a crush too so I feel your pain.

    • It's hard to let go

    • It is, I'm bracing myself just in case my crush doesn't feel the same way but all I know is that it takes time. I mean, how many crushes have you had that has passed; it will hurt for now and the it will pass.

    • Crushes, A lot... but this is the only girl if ever felt this way about... I loved her, she knows how I feel about her... but doesn't want to date.

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  • u dont have to let go u just have to be pacient she has obviously had bad experiences and needs to feels safe so u need to, if u really care aboit her give her. some time

    • She has a boyfriend now, knew I liked her, I don't know

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    • I cannot help u then

    • Oh :(

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