In limbo. Are we split? Is she thinking? WTF?

Been together on and off four years. This run has been a year. In the past, I was the one that walked away. This time I decided it was going to be the last chance. So, I work through things rather than walk. There have been a few times I felt like walking, but got through it and it seemed like it was working. Until now.

2 weeks ago she picked a fight with me. I didn't argue. I let her vent. She got upset with the idea I would accept a breakup. She said "You are going to give up so easily?". She ended up getting so mad she kicked me out of her house. She said "We are not over. I just need some time alone. I love you. Everything will be fine."

The next day she seemed to assume I was going to walk. I told her I was going to be okay with our without her, but preferred with. If she wanted to end it, that is understandable. I wouldn't fight. She said she wanted to work through it and keep our relationship.

That was the last time we spoke. Since then I have texted maybe 4 times and tried to call twice. She texted responses 2 times, telling me everything is good and that she will call me ASAP.. that was 3 days ago. I am not going to blow her phone up.

My instinct says walk, my heart says stay.. just not sure what the hell to do. This is the last chance in my opinion.


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  • My instinct is to also walk away. This seems like a toxic relationship


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