How to forget if I get reminded of us every where I go?

Long time ago you were my first love. Long time ago you broke my heart. Long time ago you stole my soul and still can't forget you. I wish you'd be here for me, we've promised each other to always be there. Well you broke your promise and here I'm left with nothing but a memory of you. How to forget if I get reminded of us every where I go?


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  • personally I've gone through this twice now and you just replace the reminders with other memories and other people. Get out there and have a different social life without your ex-partner.


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  • I always think, okay that's happened and now that it has happened I have experienced what it feels like. Then have fun with the one life you have got. Never waste time. Before you know it you'll be 80 and regretting so many things. If you are reminded of your old relationship think, that's not my relationship, mine has finished for the good and that's it ☺️


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  • Reminders of lost love are like shapes in clouds, you see what you want to see and what you see is not what someone else sees. Coincidences occur every single day, you just don't pay any attention to them until you are looking for them.

    Time heals, if you allow it to. If you choose to hold on to a point in time and refuse to let go then you'll be stuck.


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