How many married couples who have had a "trial separation" have reconciled?

Please, only married/divorced people only. A BF/GF situation doesn't count. (sorry)
  • I have.
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  • I didn't
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  • Separated now, still waiting to find out.
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  • I wanna see results and them maybe comment.
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What Girls Said 2

  • i didn't

  • Yes and it didn't work out because the problems are still there because you're still the same person

    • Did you seek out any type of counseling/therapy individually and/or as a couple?

What Guys Said 1

  • My then wife and I stayed in the same house raising our daughter as a family together, different sleeping arrangements then I'd anticipated when we got married, for 16 years. A lot of different variables went in my making this decision. I thought it would benefit my daughter and it did by being raised by her mother and me. I didn't want to have a baby sitter, nanny or anything like that. Anyway, after all that and 16 years later, we couldn't reconcile. The day my daughter was off to college we were filing divorce papers. I have two friends as well that have tried & failed at this.


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