Her behavior is really bothering me. Thoughts?

So she broke up with me and wanted space. This was 2 months ago. I see her quite a lot as we go to the same gym and I kinda work there.

She would be friendly, cold, friendly, cold, friendly last week, and cold and angry this week.

during the two months, she has attempted to make me jealous multiple times. She would post picture of her and other guys. At the gym, she would stare at me with an upset face or something. On top of that, she usually is the first person to see all my Instagram stories. She would see it within minutes.

when she is friendly, she would play fight me and tease me.

last week, it seemed as if she got extremely upset that I was talking to a girl. My friend told me this.

I've simply been acting indifferent and happy with myself. I got my career job and been posting a lot of fun moments at work.
Thursday, she seemed bitter and Saturday night, she posted a photo of herself with a guy that she doesn't like but he likes her.


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  • stop talking to her. if she cares at all about whats left of your friendship she will change. she will see what she is doing wrong and will fix it. if not then its that much less heartache for you to deal with


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