Ex lied to me about seeing some girl why? what for?

my ex boyfriend lied to me about seeing some girl casually. he told me he wasn't really seeing anyone and it wasn't that important or long. Then I find out that he has been seeing her for many months and holds her hand and stuff and has hooked up with her off and on for many years. why does he care whether I know about her? why would he lie about this? we were on friendly speaking terms before but I don't even feel like I can trust him as a friend no more


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  • He probably didn't want to hurt your feelings by making it known he was involved with another girl.

    • Thats a nice thought, but he didn't not tell me that he saw girls in general. I know he's been out doing his thing. but he directly lied about how long he was seeing one girl. I still don't even think he knows I know the truth.

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    • You seem to be leaving out important details. He asked you to sleep with him? In that case yes he's covering his own ass because he probably figures there's no way you're going to hook up with him if you know he's got another girl on the side.

    • Ya. hard to put all personal details on here. sorry for that but ya guess not sleeping with him eventho I stopped doing that a while ago or even talking to him now. thank you 4 your help tho. your first comment was a nice thought but lol that would also be thinking he was an honest person he's selfish. just not so sure I really undestand his intentions and this side girls stuff lol seems like he's the one to lose it all in the end

  • Maybe because he thought it might hurt you.


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