Did I ruin my relationship when I tried to save it?

At the beginning of the month my depression came back severely. I had a lot going on in my personal life. My boyfriend and I's relationship felt like it wasn't going forward or backwards it was just there. I began getting moody snappy and irratble in general. We both were not being nice to each other. I couldn't talk to him even though I know he'd understand. I had problems with him for awhile he won't talk about his wants feelings etc. He usually just shuts down and won't communicate. Last night I texted a brief discription what was going on in my life and I also said we needed to talk. Followed by when are you home? Becuase I needed something from his house. He doesn't answer until early after noon today. I go to his house. He makes me wait nearly an hour upstairs while he walks around and talks to be upstairs. He just doesn't get it. So I grow frustrated. When he comes downstairs he asks what we want to do he thinks we're hanging out. I said I wanted to talk. He said okay. I said partly what I texted you. He said he doesn't remember. He didn't read it. I ask him if he would and he wouldn't. I get so upset and mad. I tell him maybe we shouldn't see each other next week. I leave crying and call a cab and wait for it to come while crying and sitting in the front lawn. I text him saying we both have to think of what we want and we've both hurt each other and when he's ready to talk we'll talk. I haven't heard from. He probably didn't even read that text all I want to do is call him. I feel like I've ruined everything.


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  • This is sad.

    • Do you think I just messed everything up?

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    • Do you think there's anyway to fix it?

    • Drop your egos and pride and remember its a petty problem holding back what could be so much more, which I'm guessing u both secretly want

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  • I think you guys need to take a step back and relax alone


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