Would you still think of the girl you liked even if it didn't work out and she moved away?

If you REALLY liked a girl, like you opened up to her, your mom loves her, you think she's funny and smart and beautiful and "too good for you" but she moved and she opened up that she liked you to and you talked about it but then she started seeming desperate and insecure and y'all just deciding to take a break for now and then she was contacting you even though you were on a break and you didn't want to see her the one week she was in town and then she said she didn't want to be friends anymore and then took it back and you two haven't spoken at all since (hypothetically lol) and you ignored her last texts to you about taking it back and apologizing for being so crazy.
Would you still think of her? Would you still like her?
Would that drama discount all of the feelings you had for her from before? He said I was perfect for him and the kind of girl he'd want to marry and his mom thinks I'm the perfect girl for him but now we are in a bad place and haven't spoken in about a month and haven't seen eachother in two... He deleted me from Snapchat and then I deleted him from other social media and so we are literally strangers to eachother now.
Do you think he still thinks of me or even likes me or wishes he did better? He hasn't reached out and I'm trying to let go but I always think of him. I know he has so many options from other girls and he's probably found a new girl or hookup and I just want to know if you think he might still care and still think highly of me at all?


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  • I would Pleasure Myself to her everyday


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  • He moved on


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