My boyfriend didn't talk to me for week?

My boyfriend didn't talk to me for week I was mad I text him n call and nothing.. then I decided to show up at his job on his lunch and told him to be straight up with me if doesn't want to b with me to let me know n I will leave him alone for good all he said he just want to b left alone that he didn't wanted to b over but he wanted to be left a lot by the way he suffers of anxiety and bipolar his a ex military so with in the week he didn't talk to me he got himself his own place he said that we fight to much and he needed his time alone but he wants A month to think about and clear his mind that's way to much.. should I wait?
By the way he said he did wanted to be with me but he needed his space. should I wait the 4 weeks he need.. What should I do


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  • he is not your boyfriend if ignore you for a week

  • This sounds like the exact same situation I'm in right now. The best thing to do is to give him his space right now. The question is, are you willing to wait? And further more, if he acts this way now when he is under stress, what is he going to be like in the future when stressful events happen? These are questions you need to ask yourself (I am certainly asking myself the same things right now in my situation)

    • Oh wow sorry to hear that. Its so confusing I did confronted him for the same reason he could be straight up with me that was the reason I went over at his Job.. I can't bealive he block me what are you doing to let time pass by.. me I don't have a Job but church and praying bn helping me a lot I'm not a patience person I'm just preparing for the worst and I'm thinkii that its over cuz what if he decides to never come bsckt

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    • He probably doesn't know at this point what he wants, but he can't keep stringing you along.

    • Yes he told me he did wanted to b with me... but I dont get it why block me I just feel like going and talk to him one last time at his work but I don't even know his schedule since he works st a retail store he has different schedule

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