Let's go skinny dipping, nap together... and be just friends?

One of my guy friends and I dated for a while. I was overseas and things in our personalities kept clashing. Because of this he broke up with me. However, we are both really attracted to each other and we both love hangout and going on adventures. Because of this we are constantly questioning getting back together. I am normally down for getting back together but he ends up always walking away. Finally this summer we decided to just be friends and in 2 years if we are still single we will give it another go. Normally I am the one who starts anything physical and acts all into him. However, since we decided to be just friends I decided to play it cool and not pursue him. We hung out this week and I physically kept my distance but he kept hugging me, putting his hands all over me and being really flirty. He even said we should go skinny dipping or take a nap together... to which I said a hard and fast "Nope". He hasn't been like this before. What is going on and what should I do?


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  • he wants to be friends with benefits...

    • if I don't want that and want a relationship in the future, what should I do?

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    • ok good to know... and I should let him keep doing those things just not more?

    • whatever you're comfortable with. just be cautious.

  • you can do anything u set ur mind to


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