I'm highly confused about what's going on. I'm hurting and I don't know if I should move on?

So this all has happened in a little bit over a year. Me and my ex brokeup and the reason being was I didn't want to do anything with my life. Then she moved on to another guy which I've talked to and they brokeup because her other guy friend asked if they wanted to come see his band play. He took it to heart and accused her of cheating on him with this guy in the band. Now the funny part is now she is dating this guy in the band. What should i do? I've had trouble with letting things go in life and is it even worth being her friend? Is she a hoe? Is she confused? I'm able to message her and talk and I always wonder why she responds to me since she has a boyfriend. I asked if she was doing okay and she said I am I guess which makes it sound like she isn't. I guess I just care about her too much and it seems like all she will keep doing is jumping from guy to guy. I always want to show her that I'm the one for her but she just doesn't see it that way. I'd love your opinions.


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  • She is a hoe, you need to find better girls dude, there are lots of them but you gotta stop running around and getting hurt so much.


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