Friend got married and I feel inferior and broken. Ashamed of my feelings. How do I deal?

Boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me this month. My BFF got married this week and though I'm so happy for her I was depressed the whole time. I always knew she would get married before me and now I kind of know I will stay alone. Guys my age don't like me at all. They don't give me the time of day. 40 something really like me but they are always married. And the only ones who ask me out on dates are really creepy old dudes or people who didn't go to HS. (I have a graduate degree.) I'm so angry. I know life doesn't owe me anything but I always wanted that love and passion and to get married and right now I feel I will never get that.

I don't even know what my question is. I guess.. how can I get past this?


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  • take a step back and breathe. your stronger than you think. I know how you feel because I question the thought of finding the right lady. there are still good people out there for both of us, hang in there your not alone

  • You can't deal with this in a magical way. But this is an opportunity to invest in yourself. Find something adventurous you wanted to do for a long time and just do it. Also find a new hobby, it allways helps to meet new people 😉


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  • Oh hunny I'm so sorry!!! This month really has been a rollercoaster for you!

    Do you know why your boyfriend broke up with you? Is there any chance of you both getting back together? Ideally you need closure if there's no chance of getting back together with him.

    Having that happen one minute then go to trying to be super happy for your best friend is no doubt difficult. You did what you could and you were a great supportive friend! Does she know about what happened with your boyfriend? Have you been able to talk about it with her? Besties are the best way to get through a breakup.

    It's highly doubtful that you're going to end up alone hun, you just have to be patient and put yourself out there. Based upon the type of guys you're attracting, why not take time for yourself after you've got through your breakup and reinvent yourself? Get your bestie to honestly tell you if you're doing something to attract the wrong type of guys. Try to put yourself out there socially in the same type of places where people your age would go.

    Are you very particular about what you'd want from a perfect guy? Is there anything you could possibly compromise on to at least give yourself more options?

    I don't know you but I do genuinely believe that you're going to find the right guy for you who would want to get married and have a great life with you!

    You may feel like it's not going to happen but you have to think positively and don't give up hoping for your ideal life and happy ending.

    Just concentrate on getting through your breakup and focus on yourself, your career and everything else would fall into place when you least expect it!

    I hope everything works out for you hun!!


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