Why am I getting into married men even after I suffered because of an infidelity?

My father cheated on my mom for a year or so. I found out about it after their separation in September. When I found out infidelity was the reason why I got so mad at my father and whatever woman or women he slept with. I hated them so much. I even daydreamed about finding them and killing them. I was very mad. Now I am just kind of over it and forgive my dad and getting along with him again. But today I just sexted older married men and felt aroused by the thought of it even one had a son 2 years older than me and I found it so hot. I stayed completely anonymous and I cut it out quickly and now feel bad about it. Like super bad. But why did I enjoy it? Even after I know the pain of being deceived and what infidelity can do to a family. Why did I do this? I feel like a horrible person. Why did I get aroused by it? Is it some psychological thing that I may subconsciously want others to suffer like I did or what?


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  • It may be part of you wants to prove something. Maybe you're trying to figure out why people do those things. Or maybe it's because it's one of those taboo elements; Something that you know is wrong, but the rush arouses you. Only you really have the answer. I don't think you want others to suffer like you did. I think you're just looking for answers still.

  • Don't relent to the abuse. As you would say. See a psychiatrist. Please. You do not want to do live this way...

    • Fight the cycle of abuse, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Addressing the issue is needed if you don't want it to consume you...

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  • Most people get turned on by what is prohibited 🚫... they even did a study that's shows the arousal and stimulation is far greater to another level when it's something forbidden rather than with someone you're allowed to be with, which then concludes as to why there is so much infidelity in marriages... once they experience this level of excitement, it's hard for a cheater to not fall back into it even if they decide not to do it again..

    Thus the saying , once a cheater, always a cheater... they will never be faithful again unless all others reject that person then they don't cheat not because they don't want to but rather because nobody is willing to be with that person lol... but in the end you have the decision to make regardless of why you did it in the first place, but usually if you did it once you'll keep doing it again and again... don't be a sick person and come to your senses... anyway!!! I hope someone does that to you too 😜! It won't feel as bad as it did with your parents, it will be worseπŸ˜›πŸ˜!!

    • Oh shit no don't say that that is my biggest fear in marriage that is why I feel so bad ugh I'd never dare to do it for tea

    • I'm pro Hammurabi on an eye for an eye... wish this one single rule would apply world wide for everything. πŸ’πŸΌ!! Would be perfect!!

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