My ex boyfriend called me on facebook messager what does that mean?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me five months ago, we are both dating new people he left me and unfriend me on all social medias but last week he called me on facebook messager out of no where and now he deleted his facebook account , and our nicknames our still in the messager thing, He and I we're in love with each other but we drifted apart, my grandmother said sometimes people like to see if you are happy i feel like he did it on purpose but it might have been accidental.
  • He still has feelings for you
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  • Just stalking on you
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Unfriended you and deleted his social media account? Doesn't look like "still love each other" to me. My bets are on calling by accident. Happens to me a lot.

    • I hope so I am so done with him really hurt me

    • Would be a good idea to block him off (wouldn't be able to get in touch anymore so you wouldn't get hurt), but since he deleted his profile, it's impossible. Try moving on, get distracted by something and of course best of luck to you :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • Probably a ln awkward mistake that he got really embarrassed about and so deactivated his account for a while. I wouldn't react to it. If he wants to talk he will reach out again. For now, take it was a mistake.


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  • He's keeping you on the hook as a back up plan. He left you move on with your life 👍

    • Thank you! I did move on I do have a nice guy but the break up still hurts so bad ans when he did that made really depressed but I am glad I moved on with my life I am better off ☺

    • Always keep moving forward 😊 👍

  • Probably an accident. I always accidentally call my parents or my old high school teachers on Facebook whenever I'm watching porn


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