What should I do, when it's really late to ask her out?

okay, so the thing is she and I were classmates and liked each other, which we came to know later, neither of us confessed during school days. after school farewell I confessed and she said that she felt the same. I was to move in a different city and we didn't an ldr so we thought that feelings will fade with time and we will move on. next one year I was very sick and depressed, so came back to my hometown and then we talked but she was quite changed and I felt that she had moved on. but I couldn't, now the thing is she moved to other city and I was missing her terribly so I told her that I am still at same place and can't take her off my mind. she said she is a dating a guy for two years now but she still didn't refuse me or said anything like her feelings for me are dead, also she tried to console me which gives me a hope. I am hurt and feel like crying all the time. please suggest me what to do.

ps. don't reply with shit like have beer or smoke weed or find a hoe


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  • go hiking or to baseball games. Take your mind off her

    • bro I have tried every bloody thing that comes to my mind.
      moreover if I go to such places like hiking or lakeside.
      I see couples and miss her.

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